Our values / Our principles of action

Our mission

Phytocontrol strives to provide an independent analytical service that differentiates in terms of innovation, responsiveness and reliability through local support.

Our operating principles

Autonomy:We want to be autonomous and challenging, both through the daily work of our employees, and through the image the company sends back to its customers.

Questioning:We constantly adjust our resources to our objectives and achievements, both in management and analytical production.

Creativity:We create and develop innovative analytical methods on a daily basis, integrating breakthrough technologies and anticipating tomorrow's expectations.

Pragmatism:We are always looking for the most effective, practical and operational way in each of our actions, and we do our utmost to translate this commitment to our clients on a daily basis.

Our values

Competence:The technical level of our employees and the company's expertise in its core business guarantee our customers a very high level of service.

Integrity:We demonstrate independence, as illustrated by our Group's autonomy, and impartiality, in line with the analytical results we report daily.

Authenticity:Phytocontrol, just like the men and women who make the richness of the company, wants to be frank and true, simple and effective.

Responsibility:we measure at all times the scope and consequences of our actions and results, and we know the need to account to our customers for the accuracy and precision of the analytical tests entrusted to us.

Our commitments

A European expert in
testing for contaminants
Your routine analyses results within 2 to 6 days
Our studies are carried out with a view to providing you with the greatest reliability of analysis
Our local agencies ensure an active technical and logistic follow up