Regulatory watch

The Phytocontrol laboratory presents all the latest news concerning regulatory monitoring in Hydrology and Agri-food.

12 September 2019

Non-renewal of the active substance dimethoate

    The EU Implementing Regulation No 2019/1090 and its corrigendum were published in the OJEU concerning the non-renewal of the active substance’dimethoate’. Dimethoate is used in […]
29 August 2019

Notice relating to the LQs for water analyses under the Environmental Code

  On 21 August 2019, a notice was published in the Official Journal of the French Republic concerning the limits of quantification of “parameter-matrix” couples for […]
15 July 2019

Publication EU Regulation 2019/1176 – Amendments to LMRS

  Regulation (EU) 2019/1176 amending Regulation (EC) No 396/2005 was published in the OJEU on 11/07/19. These Regulations modify the MRLs for the following residues: 2,5-dichlorobenzoic […]
15 July 2019

Updating of eutrophication sensitive areas

  The Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition published a technical note on 6 June 2019 on the revision of areas sensitive to eutrophication. The revision […]
3 July 2019

Pesticides Annual Report EFSA 2017

  EFSA published its report for the year 2017 on pesticide residues in food at the end of June. Results of monitoring programmes (European Coordinated Control […]
21 June 2019

Publication Regulations (EU) 2019/973 and 2019/977 – Amendments to MRLs

Regulation (EU) No 2019/973 of 13 June 2019 amending Annexes II and III to Regulation (EC) No 396/2005 as regards maximum residue limits for bispyribac, denatonium […]
21 June 2019

Non-renewal of chlorpropham approval.

  The EU Implementing Regulation No 2019/989 has just been published in the OJEC concerning the non-renewal of the approval of the active substance chlorpropham. Chlorpropham […]
20 June 2019

Summary of SANCO 3030 rev5

SANCO/3030/99 rev.5 “Technical Active Substance and Plant protection products: Guidance for generating and reporting methods of analysis in support of pre- and post-registration data requirements for […]
18 June 2019

DGCCRF: Results of pesticide residue controls in plant commodities in 2017

  DGCCRF just published the results of its monitoring plans for pesticide residues in plant foods in 2017. These plans are used to monitor compliance with […]

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