Food Expert Institute

Food Expert Institute

Food Expert Institute is a food hygiene consulting laboratory. Its vocation is to support our clients and partners in their food safety control.

Our mission is to protect the health of your consumers through our audit, consultancy, training and analysis services in a qualitative, human and differentiating way. This is why the Institute of Food Experts has joined the Phytocontrol group, an analysis laboratories, which shares the same values.

Our approach is to accompany you in your day-to-day work and your projects, in continuous improvement and co-construction around values such as customer satisfaction, respect for the human being and innovation.

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Our clients and partners




Agro-food industries

An offer adapted to all your needs

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Food Expert Institute offers you personalised support in your food quality and safety domain through adapted, different and innovative services.



A qualitative team recognised in its market

  • Visit
  • Analysis of the causes (contamination, pests, etc.)
  • Dynamic monitoring of practices
  • Action plan and follow-up
  • Hygiene evaluation
  • Infrastructure
  • Industrial audit


Helping you to anticipate your problems

  • Implementation of a quality standard (PMS, ISO 22000, IFS Food, IFS Global Market, BRC, etc.)
  • Defence of foodstuffs
  • EC approval dossier
  • Traceability
  • Risk management (allergens, Listeria, foreign bodies…)
  • Crisis management
  • Validation of labelling information
  • Monitoring plan, emerging risks
  • Recommendations (technical assistance, progress plan, data management…)


Training you and your staff at every step of the way

  • Good hygiene and manufacturing practices
  • The sanitary control plan
  • Understanding and interpreting test results
  • Food hygiene standards
  • Restaurant hygiene training according to the ministry module
  • Laboratory techniques
  • Discover the entire catalogue of the Phytocontrol Training and Consultancy Centre
HACCP digitisation

HACCP digitisation

Control your traceability and your PMS

  • PMS dematerialisation, self-checking and CSD/DLUO management
  • Microscopic and macroscopic control console for multi-site partners
  • Solution customisable to each brand’s specifications and specificities
  • Multi-sector solution (traditional and self-service departments in supermarkets, restaurants, food industry…)
  • Technical support in support
  • Ergonomic, complete, ecological, reliable, safe and cost-effective solution.
Sampling and analysis

Sampling and analysis

Providing you with fast and reliable analysis

  • Sampling and analysis in food microbiology under accreditation
  • Microbiological safety criteria according to Regulation 2073/2005 and 1441/2007
  • Microbiological criteria for process hygiene according to the recommendations of the interprofessions (CDF, catering sector…)
  • CSD validations
  • Surface analysis
  • Water analysis (potability type D1, legionella)
  • Physico-chemical analysis

A team of experts

Within the framework of its risk control systems, and in compliance with its Health Control Plan, it carries out regular and unannounced checks on food products manufactured or distributed, as well as on its water networks.

Its expectations relate to the quality, reactivity and reliability of services, as well as the monitoring and exploitation of results in real time and during the evaluation meeting. With the help of tools and indicators that provide a macroscopic and miscroscopic vision, we create a offer adapted to your needs (recommendations, advice, training, dynamic actions, etc.).

Audits and consultancy help to highlight potential non-conformities. Through our recommendations and with the support of decision-making tools, we support you in the implementation of corrective measures.

More generally, the Food Expert Institute responds to the needs of the main industries and offers its partners a wide and comprehensive range of analysis, training and expertise.

In this context, we now offer you our support in co-construction: intervention at national level, decision support tools, privileged contacts, network of experts...






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