Data security

On the strength of its analytical expertise at the service of water and food safety, Phytocontrol is finalizing the deployment of his new IT solutions to reinforce the security of data: analysis reports, traceability, LIMS, customer data... so much sensitive information for which Phytocontrol wanted to maximize the guarantee of confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Latest generation datacenter

Latest generation datacenter

A step ahead in technology, Phytocontrol develops its own Information System via a local Datacenter to ensure ultra-secure control of data, under Health Data Hosting certification.

By selecting Netiwan as its proximity partner, Phytocontrol has opted for secure hosting in one of the most modern, latest-generation datacenters in France, whose design and engineering deployed guarantee a high level of availability and performance.
This datacenter has benefited from an eco-responsible programme since its creation in order to limit its impact on the environment, which is part of the laboratory’s ISO14001 approach across the entire information chain.

From analytical production to analysis reports and customer data, all sensitive data processed by Phytocontrol will be stored in complete security at the Nîmes Neticenter while guaranteeing the best possible continuity of service.

This major evolution will allow Phytocontrol to achieve ISO27001 certification as early as 2020, a standard ensuring good information security practices, while reinforcing the laboratory’s compliance with the new RGPD regulation.



Identification & Traceability of samples

Phytocontrol innovates by developing its own traceability system of the sample path at each step of the analytical production chain using its Datamatrix tool: a unique, secure and robust code for product identification.

Biometric access control

Biometric access control

Phytocontrol’s laboratories are equipped with a biometric access control system guaranteeing a high level of security and reliability.
Thanks to the identification by physical characteristics unique to each employee, this device guarantees 100% reliability, ease and speed of use without equal, and better protection of goods and sensitive data.

Why choose Phytocontrol

Phytocontrol is a technological and human project that meets the societal challenges of water and food safety with proximity, expertise, reactivity and reliability. The Laboratory provides you with the most reliable, innovative and eco-responsible solutions to guarantee you the best European expertise. A step ahead in technology, Phytocontrol develops its own Information System via a latest-generation Datacenter and innovates with its own system for tracking the sample's progress. Anticipation is Phytocontrol's credo and it is its intention to stay ahead!



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