Phytocontrol informs you about its development, new analyses, accreditations, certifications and participation in trade fairs and conferences.

19 April 2022

Controlling the risk of neoformed contaminants

18 April 2022

Phytocontrol, a reference for the Feed industry

14 April 2022

Controlling the risks from bacteria

16 February 2022

Vanilla authenticity analysis

14 December 2021

Drug residues in water

18 November 2021

Phytocontrol can now provide Fruit species authentication

18 November 2021

Extension of accreditation for organic compounds analysis in water

18 October 2021

Analysis of pyrrolizidine alkaloids

23 August 2021

Phytocontrol pioneers the analysis of dithiocarbamate families

Why choose Phytocontrol

Phytocontrol is a technological and human project that meets the societal challenges of water and food safety with proximity, expertise, reactivity and reliability. The Laboratory provides you with the most reliable, innovative and eco-responsible solutions to guarantee you the best European expertise. A step ahead in technology, Phytocontrol develops its own Information System via a latest-generation Datacenter and innovates with its own system for tracking the sample's progress. Anticipation is Phytocontrol's credo and it is its intention to stay ahead!


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