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Our HR policy

Phytocontrol is above all a technological and human project made up of competent and dynamic teams. Responsiveness, expertise and proximity to our customers are the DNA of our company.

We are more than 350 employees who participate in the group's growth, in scientific fields (analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, radioactivity, quality, innovation, etc.) and support fields (IT, sales, marketing, communication, human resources, administration, logistics, etc.).
Meeting our customers' needs, simplifying, standardising and seeking performance are our daily concerns.

Phytocontrol encourages the listening and participation of its employees in order to build a serene working environment with a view to continuous improvement.

We believe in caring management, which we implement through: continuous improvement of communication, management training for all managers, regular improvement of working conditions and salaries to motivate our new employees and retain our older employees, and a successful partnership with employee representatives.

On the one hand, we support the young graduates we recruit with a tailor-made integration, training and accreditation programme, and we make a point of ensuring their success and offering them every opportunity to develop within a rapidly growing group.

On the other hand, we are recruiting senior expert profiles to share their experience, to accompany and stabilise our strong growth.

If you have the technical skills, are energetic, positive and have the interpersonal skills to participate in team building, we will be happy to integrate you into the group.


Nos métiers

Analytical production and quality
Production manager, chemical technician, microbiologist, GLP study director, quality control

The core of Phytocontrol's reactor is its analytical production: efficient, reactive and innovative. The teams that compose it are among the best specialists in chemistry and microbiology, they are supported on a daily basis by a rigorous, demanding and expert Quality team.

Ludivine Sanna

Alternate Production Department Microbiology

" Meeting the daily challenge of phytocontrol is to have will and determination. The microbiology department means working with living organisms, whether in the agri-food or hydrology fields. It is with dynamism and reactivity that I joined this service in 2016 and evolved with it while gaining in skills and responsibilities. Together we make the necessary efforts every day to ensure customer satisfaction. "


Analytical Production Coordinator

" The Phytocontrol adventure is a daily challenge that is fully lived and that makes you grow. I arrived 7 years ago as a technician in the pesticides department and little by little, the company was growing, I had the opportunity to evolve in different positions such as R&D, department manager (mycotoxins, organic contaminants) then analytical production coordinator Agrifood. Each department and each employee is an essential link in the company's success. As Agrifood analytical production coordinator, I work on a daily basis with committed, motivated, responsive and competent managers and teams. "
Research and Development
R&D technician, R&D coordinator, project manager

A technological and innovative company, Phytocontrol invests heavily in R&D, with a dedicated team, a dedicated analytical park and a first-rate technological and methodological watch. Joining Phytocontrol's R&D team means joining a dynamic and strategic project that takes the laboratory's quality of service ever further.

Guillaume Ruiz

Laboratory technician

« With a thirst for knowledge, I am versatile in the Waters division. I am looking for more and more challenges and I am eager to increase my range of skills. My objectives are to always learn more about the laboratory field, to satisfy the customers and to make a quality analysis.»
Sales and Marketing
Agency manager, technical sales engineer, customer service manager, marketing manager

Proximity and technical support are the pillars of Phytocontrol's commercial strategy. The regional agencies bring sales, customer services and logistics functions as close as possible to our customers. To support field expertise, the marketing department creates all communication supports and deploys targeted marketing action plans for all Phytocontrol developments.

Marie Watson

Key Account Manager

« Phytocontrol gave me the opportunity to change to a more administrative activity while remaining in contact with the agri-food sector. The missions are intense, I like being at the interface between the customers and the company, it often seems as if we have to solve investigations to be able to respond to their requests. »

Mickael Pleinet

Sales director

" After a training in chemistry and a first successful commercial experience, I joined Phytocontrol as branch manager in Lyon to take over the reins of the sector in Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne. To set up and train my team, to deploy the laboratory's expertise to my customers, to develop our Hydro department... so many missions with responsibility in a company in full growth on a promising and exciting profession! "
Logistics and Levies
Sampler technician, Logistics Coordinator

The teams of sampling technicians contribute on a daily basis to a quality customer relationship. Operational relays of Phytocontrol's expertise, these men and women in the field are trained and authorised, and have access to the latest generation of three-temperature vehicles in agencies to ensure our customers the best reactivity, perfect control of the cold chain, and optimal traceability.

Julie Bandura


" A profession combining autonomy and technicality! The field of action is wide and varied, depending on the clients, the environments and the samples. The outdoor work and customer relations make it a pleasant and rewarding job. I am part of a recently formed team, with a large number of training and authorizations that punctuate my field missions. "
Administrative and Financial
Management controller, accountant, administrative and financial coordinator

Phytocontrol's central division groups together all the group's administrative and accounting functions in close collaboration with the subsidiaries. Guarantors of the company's economic and administrative performance, our teams are experts in their field, cross-functional in their missions, and collaborate with all operational departments.

Florence Le Driant

Accounting manager

" The processing and analysis of accounting, social and tax information... to produce the right decision-making tools for Phytocontrol's managers: this is the added value I like in my position! On a daily basis, I collaborate in a very transversal way throughout the company, my mission is also to set up accounting procedures to serve a team that is keen to learn and share its experiences. "
Computers and Networks
LIMS manager, WEB developer, network technician, IT R&D

Phytocontrol's IT team is a creator, manager and developer of its own LIMS (ERP laboratories). As such, it has an impact on all the company's services, is responsible for the performance of multi-site networks, and works on a daily basis to digitalize the company.

Jérémie Caizergues

IT R&D Coordinator

" In order to be in control of all its IT production and communication tools, Phytocontrol deploys its IT development team internally. After 5 years at Phytocontrol with a young, motivated and friendly team, I still don't have any days that look alike, it is a determining marker for someone like me who greatly appreciates the constant renewal and is thirsty for new knowledge. "