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Phytocontrol Hydrologie

Phytocontrol Waters

Presentation of the Waters Department

Thanks to its expertise in contaminants analysis, Phytocontrol deploys a comprehensive, reactive analytical service for all operators in the Hydrologie sector, deployed all over France.

Phytocontrol has the national approval of the Ministry of Health to carry out sampling and analysis of sanitary control of water.

This approval covers:

  • The analysis of water intended for human consumption, excluding natural mineral waters.
  • The analysis of swimming pool and bathing waters.

Phytocontrol is also approved by the Ministry of the Environment for the analysis of fresh water.

Our Hydro department has a complete pool of COFRAC accreditations for water analyses, physico-chemistry (according to LAB GTA 05), microbiology (according to LAB GTA 23), and for sampling and on-site testing. (according to the LAB GTA 29).

Water analyses

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Water analyses

Our laboratory has an extensive, state-of-the-art analytical laboratory dedicated exclusively to pesticide research.

Focus on water abstraction

The team of Phytocontrol technicians is trained and qualified to carry out in-situ sampling according to regulation FD T 90 520, FD T 90 521 et FD T 90 522. These samples are also covered by the approval of the Ministry of Health obtained by Phytocontrol. The NF EN ISO 19458 standard defines the maximum time between sampling and analysis, a constraint for which our teams bring you the maximum security in terms of proximity and reactivity.

Total control of traceability (identification of samples by QR codes) and the cold chain (three-temperature vehicles conforming to NF X15-140 standard) also guarantee you the best analytical conditions for a reliable and fast result.

Our logistics solutions

Why choose Phytocontrol

Phytocontrol is a technological and human project that meets the societal challenges of water and food safety with proximity, expertise, reactivity and reliability. The Laboratory provides you with the most reliable, innovative and eco-responsible solutions to guarantee you the best European expertise. A step ahead in technology, Phytocontrol develops its own Information System via a latest-generation Datacenter and innovates with its own system for tracking the sample's progress. Anticipation is Phytocontrol's credo and it is its intention to stay ahead!



Our local agencies ensure an active technical and logistic follow up



A European expert in testing for contaminants



Your routine analyses results within 2 to 6 days



Our studies are carried out with a view to providing you with the greatest reliability of analysis