Research & Development

Our mission

The Phytocontrol Group is a technological and human project that works for water and food safety. In a world faced with health risks, where consumers are more paying more and more attention to the safety and quality of their food , the Laboratory meets the needs of professionals in the food, water, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Expertise : contaminant analysis, our core business
  • Reactivity: new high-performance, differentiating and reliable methods
  • Creativity: collaborative analytical innovation
  • Environmental impact : reduction of the carbon footprint

A specialized scientific team

To be on top of innovation, Phytocontrol reinvests 20% of its turnover in Research and Development every year. The strength of this department lies in its multidisciplinary and eclectic teams, which are divided into several areas of expertise.

Biotechnology Department

Physical-Chemistry Department

Analytical Chemistry Department

Microbiology Department

Metals / Radioactivity Department

Quality Department

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A leading-edge technologies

Phytocontrol invests massively in R&D, with a dedicated team, an analytical park composed of the latest generation equipment, as well as a first-rate strategic and technological watch. The accumulation of knowledge, the enrichment of our skills and the deployment of our creativity enable the Laboratory to stay one step ahead in terms of know-how and innovation. This investment in R&D enables our teams to obtain privileged partnerships with suppliers and to co-develop with them on the latest generation technologies.



R&D at the center of the laboratory :

Located in Nîmes, the laboratory benefits from new premises and a dedicated area of 4000m2 of which 3000 of technical area will be exclusively dedicated to eco-technological water analyses in the fields of health, environment and bottled water.

Beyond the walls of Phytocontrol, R&D is present within the scientific community:

  • Visits and exchanges with private and public laboratories
  • Visits and exchanges with suppliers
  • Participation in congresses, seminars, workshops, normative groups at the national and international level.
Nîmes, the

Nîmes, the "French Rome"

A city on a human scale: with 150,000 inhabitants in the city and 260,000 in its metropolis, Nîmes is experiencing a positive demographic dynamic.

Magna Porta, business park of the future: spread over 10 kilometres along the Via Domitia, it is a link between Nîmes and the future Nîmes-Pont du Gard TGV station, a real gateway to an economic reconquest combining agriculture and industry, high technology and Romanity.

ORIGO, an innovative project: future technological platform of European scope, initiated by the Phytocontrol group and its partners, dedicated to the safety and authenticity of agri-food products.

Laboratoire Phytocontrol
Parc scientifique Georges Besse II
180 rue Philippe Maupas
30035 Nîmes