Phytocontrol Biopharma
Phytocontrol Biopharma

Phytocontrol Biopharma

Phytocontrol Biopharma
Phytocontrol Biopharma

Phytocontrol Biopharma

Presentation of the BioPharma department

With in-depth expertise in pesticide residues and their degradation metabolites, our BioPharma department's teams, specially designed and dedicated to GLP activities, support you in the definition and implementation of non-clinical studies related to health and the environment.

Phytocontrol is recognized in accordance with the principles of Good Laboratory Practices by the GIPC.

Phytocontrol is accredited to the Research Tax Credit.

Three fields of activity are covered by our GLP certification:

  • Analytical method validation - n° 8
  • Residue studies - n° 6
  • Physico-chemical trials - n° 1
    (for 2021)

Crop protection, Consumer safety, Pest control :


  • Pesticides / Acaricides
  • Insecticides / Herbicides
  • Fungicides


  • Industrial disinfectant
  • Protection products
  • Pest control products


  • Natural substances based on products of plant, animal, mineral or microbial origin

Phytocontrol's services

Analytical methods

  • Development, optimization and validation of analytical methods.


  • Study of physico-chemical parameters
  • Stability study
  • 5 batches test
  • Active substance dosage

Residue study

  • Field study
  • Operator exposure study
  • Ecotoxicologist study
  • Dislogeable Foliar Residues
  • Biocide trials on surface application/rinsing
  • Effects on bees
  • Comparative trials, adjuvants/PPP
  • Transofrmation process evaluation

Customised advice and analytical support:
Consulting & Expertise


of the customer need

of an adapted protocol

Synthetic study

parallax background

Biological matrices analysed






Phytocontrol uses its expertise in the analysis of contaminants, such as pesticide residues, to carry out your GLP studies.

Why choose Phytocontrol

Phytocontrol is a private and independent laboratory in compliance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). Thanks to its valuable expertise in contaminant analysis, our teams support you in the development and implementation of non-clinical health and environmental studies.


Contaminant analysis


Trial set up


Single interlocutor


Short deadlines