Zest HACCP is a food traceability application created in 2015. This digitalisation of traceability facilitates and optimises the processing of your regulatory sanitary obligations.

This innovative tool makes it easy for you :

  • Monitoring of HACCP procedures
  • Carrying out the compulsory registration of the Health Control Plan (PMS)
  • Perfect food traceability
  • Management and control of all dates (DLC/DLUO)

Our approach is to accompany you on a daily basis by providing a simple and practical digital solution to manage your Health Control Plan and your traceability.

Our customers and partners

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  • The Zest HACCP solution has been successfully used since 2015 in the digitalisation of food traceability.

Large-scale distribution

  • The Zest HACCP solution allows you to handle your entire PMS in all your food, traditional and self-service departments.


  • The Zest HACCP solution allows you to manage food safety in a simple way.

Offers adapted to your needs

For mass distribution

For mass distribution

  • Strong competitive advantages with all-material accounting and use of current technological standards
  • An easy to use application
  • An adapted solution through in-depth customisation
  • Centralised traceability management
For the food industry

For the food industry

  • A solution that can be integrated into your ERP
  • The advantage of a packaged solution
  • An available and reactive team to meet all your needs
For catering

For catering

  • Tailor-made teamwork follow-up
  • Management of the traceability of raw materials
  • Simplification of PMS management
  • Product traceability management

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