Phytocontrol Centre de formation
Phytocontrol Centre de formation

Phytocontrol Training Centre

Phytocontrol Centre de formation
Phytocontrol Centre de formation

Phytocontrol Centre de formation

Who are we?

The Phytocontrol training and advice centre offers its clients its expertise in the fields of analysis, food safety, hygiene and quality in order to provide relevant and updated training on all these topics.

A team of recognised scientific and technical experts conduct training, whether on site or off site, to address your challenges.

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Training Centre & de Consultancy

Parc Scientifique G. Besse
180 rue Philippe Maupas - 30035 NÎMES

Tel. : +33(0)4 48 27 00 77
Fax : +33(0)4 66 23 99 95
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For the company

For the company

  • Motivate and retain employees while developing team spirit and cohesion
  • Identify the skills of employees in order to set up a good forward-looking management of resources and skills
  • Optimize skills and develop versatility
  • Facilitate adaptability to different positions and corporate missions internally
For the employee

For the employee

  • Acquire recognition of your skills from your professional experience
  • To project oneself into an original professional training path
  • Improve your employability by shaping your career path
  • Build the skills for a future EAV file (Validation of Acquired Experience)
Inter- or intra-company training

Inter- or intra-company training

  • Inter-company training courses, given at the Phytocontrol laboratory in Nîmes, Paris, Lyon or Toulouse, which are common to several companies, allow experience to be shared.
  • The latest generation of comfortable premises adapted to training courses are run by a team whose sole vocation is to welcome and inform you.
  • Coffee breaks and lunch are included in the training in a friendly way and allow the different participants to exchange and get to know each other better.
  • In-company training takes place on your premises and targets your needs. These tailor-made modules make it possible to form a whole team.

In accordance with the Quality Decree, Phytocontrol Centre of Training is fully declared DataDock

Why choose Phytocontrol

Phytocontrol is a technological and human project that meets the societal challenges of water and food safety with proximity, expertise, reactivity and reliability. The Laboratory provides you with the most reliable, innovative and eco-responsible solutions to guarantee you the best European expertise. A step ahead in technology, Phytocontrol develops its own Information System via a latest-generation Datacenter and innovates with its own system for tracking the sample's progress. Anticipation is Phytocontrol's credo and it is its intention to stay ahead!



Our local agencies ensure an active technical and logistic follow up



A European expert in testing for contaminants



Your routine analyses results within 2 to 6 days



Our studies are carried out with a view to providing you with the greatest reliability of analysis