11 June 2018

Consumer toxicological risk assessment

  For the control of pesticide residues in foodstuffs, the applicable regulation is Regulation (EU) No 396/2005 and its successive amendments. This text defines the Maximum […]
31 May 2018

Phytocontrol approved by the Ministry of the Environment

28 May 2018

Phytocontrol takes place at the Cycl’Eau exhibition in Vichy

16 May 2018

Phytocontrol has developed the analysis of recreational waters

3 May 2018

Innovation Large Screening Drug Residues

2 May 2018

National Phytopharmaceutical Uses

30 April 2018

Cofrac accreditation for Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids

19 April 2018

Phytocontrol approved by the BNN

10 April 2018

Phytocontrol sets sail for Seafood 2018!