Products of the hive

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Beehive products sector

The products of the hive can be derived from products of plant origin processed by bees or can come directly from the bee. The hive produces various substances such as :

  • Wax: substance produced by bees for the construction of their hive.
  • Propolis: resinous substance used by bees to assemble the elements of the hive.
  • Pollen: provides vital proteins for bees.
  • Royal jelly: secretion of the bee from the hypopharyngeal and mandibular glands.
  • Honey: sweet substance produced by bees from honeydew or flower nectar.

Controlling health risks

The beehive products sector is subject to very strict regulations.
Our mastery of these complex matrices and our GLP recognition will be put to good use in carrying out your tests.

The Phytocontrol offer



A list of pesticide residues of more than 650 active ingredients, the most exhaustive in France! An accredited drug residue screening.
Analysis of the 5 neonicotinoids recognised in France. Specific pesticide accreditation for beehive products.



Fast analysis times according to your needs

  • Express : 24h – D+1
  • Emergency : 48h – D+2
  • Routine : 2 to 5 days


Phytocontrol’s sales and logistics teams cover the whole of France and carry out collections on your site.



A single point of contact will assist you in interpreting your results and answering technical and regulatory questions.

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Phytocontrol is accredited by COFRAC and has one of the most elaborate and exhaustive scopes of accreditation in the food industry.

Our assets


Historical know-how
Completeness of the analytical offer


Supply Chain Management
High processing capacity Analysis times according to your needs


Search for metabolites and updating of screenings according to regulatory approvals and residue definitions.
International certification and MRL service
Regulatory Watch Unit


Scientific team dedicated to regulatory updates and to listening to your specific requests.


An analytical park of the latest generations of LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS, APGC-MS/MS, HRGC and LC/GC-QTOF technologies

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