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Animal feed sector

Animal feed is the leading consumer of grain cereals. It is the essential element to meet all the needs of animals on a daily basis with various contributions for their health:

  • micronutrients(vitamins, trace elements and minerals) which play an essential role in the functioning of the body,
  • Macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) which have the role of providing energy to the whole body.

Feed includes raw materials for the production of feed, additives and compound feed.
Animals need to consume safe feed to prevent the occurrence of undesirable and harmful effects both to the animal and also to humans who are going to consume the products from the farm.

Controlling health risk

Many substances are likely to be found in animal feed: pesticides used in the treatment of raw materials, heavy metals, dioxins...
Animal feed is subject to specific regulations that set maximum limits for many contaminants. Our laboratory is specialised in contaminant analysis.

The Phytocontrol offer



A list of pesticide residues of more than 650 active ingredients, the most exhaustive in France! A Feed-specific method: soft mineralisation heavy metal analysis on Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic and Mercury.

  • Pesticides : glyphosate, chlorates, summerphon…
  • Mycotoxins : ochratoxin A, deoxynivalenol, zearalenone, fumonisins (B1+ B2), aflatoxins (Σ B1,B2, G1,G2), T2/HT2…
  • Heavy metals (including trace elements): lead, cadmium, aluminium, boron, fluorine, mercury, arsenic…
  • Physico-chemistry: including protein and total lipid content.
  • GMO : all species for cross-contamination control.
  • Dioxins, nitrites, HAP, melanin, veterinary residues including chloramphenicol, datura alkaloids, perchlorates, microbiology…


Fast analysis times according to your needs

  • Rush : 12h – D0
  • Express : 24h- D+1
  • Emergency : 48h – D+2
  • Routine : 2 to 5 days


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A single point of contact will assist you in interpreting your results and answering technical and regulatory questions.

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Phytocontrol is accredited by COFRAC Phytocontrol is accredited by COFRAC and has one of the most elaborate and comprehensive scopes of accreditation in the food industry.

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Research of metabolites and updating of screenings according to registrations and regulatory residue definitions Research into Clorpyrifos, methyl, desmethyl regulated on cereals
International registration and MRL proofing
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Scientific team dedicated to regulatory updates and available for specific requests


An analytical park with the latest generations of LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS, APGC-MS/MS, HRGC and LC/GC-QTOF technology.

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