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Juice and drinks sector

This sector is divided into two families :

  • The fruit juice market,
  • Refreshing non-alcoholic drinks.

A fruit juice is defined as a liquid or drink made by crushing or squeezing fruit. It can be completely natural or produced by mixing various fruits, water and other chemical substances. This market is segmented into 4 main categories: pure juices, smoothies, juices from concentrate and fruit nectars.

The market for non-alcoholic soft drinks (BRSA) was marked by a drop in growth from 2016 onwards. This sector has undergone a facelift to meet a new challenge: adapting to the more demanding needs and demands of consumers. Today, a wide range of products can be found within the BRSAs, of different types, tastes and packaging: colas, lemonades, orangeades, lemonades, tonics, bitters, flavoured waters, iced teas, energy drinks, etc.

Several studies showed already in 2017 that beverage trends would be based on consumer demand for healthy and easy-to-eat foods. Indeed, the search for naturalness and wellness foods has been at the top of the list for several years.

The Phytocontrol offer



A list of pesticide residues of more than 650 active ingredients, the most exhaustive in France! Specific lists of residues according to matrices.



Fast analysis times according to your needs

  • Express : 24h – D+1
  • Emergency : 48h – D+2
  • Routine : 2 to 5 days


Phytocontrol’s sales and logistics teams cover the whole of France and carry out collections on your site.



A single point of contact will assist you in interpreting your results and answering technical and regulatory questions.

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Phytocontrol is accredited by COFRAC and has one of the most elaborate and exhaustive scopes of accreditation in the field of agri-food.

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Historical know-how
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Supply Chain Management
High processing capacity
Analysis times according to your needs


Search for metabolites and updating of screenings according to regulatory approvals and residue definitions.
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Scientific team dedicated to regulatory updates and to listening to your specific requests.


An analytical park of the latest generations of LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS, APGC-MS/MS, HRGC and LC/GC-QTOF technologies